How Has AI Transformed Customer Insights for Online Retailers in 2023?

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n 2023, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the retail sector has soared, with the market value reaching an estimated $7.1 billion, marking a 29% increase from the previous year. The adoption of AI has primarily been driven by the desire to enhance customer experience, boost productivity, and reduce operational costs. While exact figures on the percentage of online retailers adopting AI for customer insights are elusive, several indicators hint at a significant uptake.

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AI Adoption in Retail: A Closer Look

A study by Statista highlighted that 74% of AI use cases in retail were customer-facing, hinting at a substantial focus on harnessing AI for customer insights. Additionally, a Forbes article underscored the growing trust among consumers towards AI in delivering tailored promotions, with 61% of consumers showing trust in AI-driven promotional strategies.


The Future of AI in Online Retail

The global AI in retail market is on a robust growth trajectory, expected to reach $10.76 billion in 2023, with forecasts suggesting a continued upward trend reaching a whopping $127.09 billion by 2033​. The figures reflect a burgeoning interest and investment in AI by online retailers to derive actionable insights into customer behaviors and preferences.


Table 1: AI Adoption in Retail Sector (2023)


AI Market Value$7.1 billion
AI Use for Customer-facing74%
Consumers Trust in AI61%



However, despite the promising statistics, the exact percentage of online retailers leveraging AI for customer insights in 2023 remains a topic warranting further investigation. The amalgamation of AI in retail is undoubtedly burgeoning, yet the specific adoption rates among online retailers necessitate a deeper dive into sector-specific studies and reports.



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